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Milford Education Foundation Teacher Mini Grants

Over $5,000 Awarded in Teacher Mini Grants

Earlier this month, The Milford Education Foundation awarded 16 teachers across the Milford Public School District $5,785 in funding through its Teacher Mini-Grant Program.

To date, MEF has distributed over $10,700 in teacher mini-grants and expanded its program to two award periods per academic year.

On January 8th, Augie Harrigan and James Maroney, MEF president and former president respectively, presented the teachers with their checks. Augie and James worked with the school principals to surprise the teachers in their classrooms.

Barret: “Options for a Healthy Lifestyle”

Joanne Barrett, The Academy, “Options for a Healthy Lifestyle”

“Investigating Informational Texts”

Eileen Antalik and Audrey Sokol, Live Oaks Elementary School, “Investigating Informational Texts”


Rachel Murphy, Kelsey Burns and Gianni Ragianni for “Kind Campus at JLHS: The Ben’s Bell Project”, Patricia Daniels for “Unified Art”, Colette Stephens for “Independent Healthy Living Project”,  Jonathan Law High School

“Career and Community Exploration”

Molly Clifford, Robin Querker and Suzy Garfield, Harborside Middle School, “Career and Community Exploration”

“Brainercise!” Teacher Mini Grant

Sarah Sawitsky, Calf Pen Meadow Elementary School, “Brainercise!”

“Career Simulation” Teacher Mini Grant

Janet Acampora for “Career Simulation” and Lauren O’Keefe for “Ladibug Document Camera”, Joseph Foran High School

Congratulations to all the winners!