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A New Place To Sit At Cafe Atlantique

When you’re ready for a friendly place to grab a quick cup of coffee or linger with a delicious sandwich, there’s no better place to stop then Cafe Atlantique in downtown Milford.  For the next month, there will be an extra seat to enjoy your cup of coffee.

The new seat was built by the tech ed department at Jonathon Law High School (special thanks to Mark Robinson and Joe Barcello) and painted by the campers at Camp Happiness for the Milford Education Foundation’s Chair-ity Auction.  The chair will be available to sit in after the Chair-ity Auction Kickoff Event being held at the Milford Arts Council on July 26th from 6p-9p.  When you pass by the chair you won’t be able to help but be happy as you take a peek at the rainbow painted chair.

Go ahead, take a seat.  It’s too comfortable to get up from right?  What if you could have this wonderful chair on your patio this fall and in the process support the Milford Education Foundation’s Teacher Mini-Grants?

You’re invited to the Chair-ity Auction to bid on this chair and others which are placed throughout Milford.  Join us on Wednesday, August 24th for the auction and learn more about the programs that we put on for the students of our city throughout the year.

Buy your tickets online!


Top 5 Reasons To Support Our Chair-ity Auction

Since it’s inception the Milford Education Foundation has been fostering creativity and educational curiosity among the students of the Milford community.  Each year we invite students and families of all ages to participate in a variety of events that inspire fun and explode their imaginations.

One of the ways we fund these events throughout the year is through our bi-annual event called the Chair-ity Auction.  The event, which raised $13,000 in its first year, is our biggest fundraising effort.  

So, why should you support it?  

  1. The money raised supports our teacher mini-grants which allow teachers throughout the city of Milford to apply for a grant to fund an activity/the purchase of an item that they otherwise would not be able to provide for their students.
  2. The stunning Adirondack chairs (pictured below) built and painted by area students (among MANY others.)
  3. Our wide array of silent auction items like a Dream Vacation getaway to the French Quarter in New Orleans
  4. An opportunity to meet many of the great minds who are educating the children of our community
  5. Our other wonderful events like Minds In Motion, Invention Convention, and Movie Nights

Supporting the Chair-ity Auction is a way to lend a helping hand to the students of our community while having a wonderful night out and the opportunity to bid on these beautifully appointed Adirondack chairs.

The Chair-ity Auction will be held on August 24th.  Mark your calendar and then check back here to buy your tickets very soon.