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Top 12 Spots For Catching A Glimpse of Our Chair-Ity Auction Chairs

Stroll around the city of Milford and you just might find yourself running into one of the Adirondack chairs that were built and designed for our Chair-ity Auction which will be taking place on Wednesday August 24th at Costa Azzurra.

You might stop in for a cup of coffee at Cafe Atlantique and find one.

Maybe you’re downtown for lunch at Rainbow Gardens and you’ll see some “Smiles”

The best way to find all of the chairs throughout the city is to follow our list below of where each chair is living for the next few weeks. Head out on a tour to the following locations:

  • Bridge House Restaurant
  • Cafe Atlantique
  • Colony Paint
  • The Crushed Grape
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Los Cabos
  • Milford Public Library
  • Rainbow Gardens
  • Robert Treat Farms
  • Scoot & Paddle
  • Walnut Beach Creamery
  • Woodruff Family YMCA

If you get a chance to see a couple of these chairs at the above locations, snap a photo of you in each chair and post them to our Facebook page. Then spread the word to all your friends and family that these chairs are up for auction at the Chair-ity Auction on Wednesday August 24th at Costa Azzurra.

Purchase your Chair-ity Auction Tickets here.

There Was Already a Rainbow, Now It’s Full of Smiles


The Adirondack chair designed and decorated by the children at Camp Happiness is quite aptly nicknamed “Smiles.” When it arrived at Rainbow Gardens, where it will be on display until the Chair-ity Auction on Wednesday, Aug. 24th, it brought a lot of smiles to the faces owners Heather and John Perfetto and their staff.

Rainbow Gardens, a downtown Milford staple since the early 1990s, was a logical place to host an Adirondack chair. People throughout the greater Milford area love the delicious food and the welcoming smiles that greet them for a quick lunch or a lingering evening dinner out on the patio.

We are so thrilled to have the team at Rainbow Gardens behind the Chair-ity Auction once again.

When you find yourself in downtown Milford, strolling along the green or racing to the bank, consider a pit stop at Rainbow Gardens to take a look at this amazing chair that the children at Camp Happiness created.

Take a seat in the chair, grab a bite to eat, then unlock your phone and purchase your tickets to the Chair-ity Auction. That’s the place to bid on this happy chair that’s put smiles on so many faces, from the kids who painted them to patrons and passers-by at Rainbow Gardens.

Top 5 Skills Participation In the Chair-ity Auction Helps to Develop

logo_chairs_montageOur Chair-ity Auction was initially designed to be a fundraiser with the added benefit of promoting the arts throughout the community. It has done that, and then some.

Over the course of the program, participating students, teachers and community leaders have shared with us that not only did the creation and design of these amazing Adirondack chairs engage their organizations in a creative endeavor, but it also had a tremendous impact on the skills that are often left behind by traditional education.

Some of the skills they cite are:

1.) Planning
2.) Construction
3.) Art
4.) Leadership
5.) Teamwork

Building and decorating these chairs has become something participating organizations look forward to, not only for the enjoyment of it and the fact that it goes to help a good cause, but also to help their students/campers/artists develop these five skills.

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the July kick-off event for the Chair-ity Auction, you missed kids beaming from ear to ear about their creations and the sense of community and teamwork that were developed throughout the process.