Alumni Spotlight: Chris Rukan

img_0946-jpgA strong education provides a stable foundation for people to build and to create successful lives. I would like to focus on a man who is doing phenomenal things with his life, but has remained humble and credits much of his success to the Milford Public Schools system. Chris Rukan, is a journalist for the Washington Post, and works as an art director collaborating with illustrators, photographers, and graphic editors in order to create descriptive stories. I recently was afforded the privilege of interviewing Mr. Rukan and got an inside look into how he has built such an impressive career.

Mr. Rukan attended Jonathan Law High School and really emphasized how the teaching staff played a major role in motivating him to pursue his interests. Mr. Scire and Mrs. Minichiello are two teachers that immediately came to Mr. Rukan’s mind. Mr. Scire, his social studies teacher during his sophomore year, pushed Mr. Rukan to be confident in his potential and to take on new challenges. Mrs. Minichiello, his English teacher and the advisor for Law’s high school newspaper, The Advocate, typically allowed only upperclassmen to work on the newspaper, but she made an exception for Mr. Rukan.

While contributing to The Advocate, Mr. Rukan discovered his passion for writing. He believes this was life changing and he stressed that the teen years in a child’s life is one of the most crucial times for the birth and development of a passionate career path. He explained how it is extremely important to work hard in and out of the classroom, set high goals, and to get to know the people in your field of interest. A strong work ethic and connections will help open doors to numerous opportunities.

Mr. Rukan began as a sportswriter for the New Haven Register and enjoyed a number of interesting jobs such as, a sports designer at the Palm Beach Post, the Orlando Sentinel, the Journal News, and at the Connecticut Post. Mr. Rukan continues to emphasize how the Milford Public Schools system played an essential role in his exciting career as it provided him with the tools and resources to expand his interests. He also credits his teachers in being kind and in serving as catalysts in motivating him to push himself and to gain a sense of confidence that would stick with him forever.

Without his early experiences in the Milford Public Schools system, Mr. Rukan believes that it would have been much harder to find himself in such a fortunate position. Mr. Rukan is a prime example of an individual who has used his education as a building block to discover his passion and to follow it, ultimately creating a successful and fulfilling career.

Michael Sciuto is the author of this alumni spotlight.  He is a senior at Foran who hopes to study communications in college.

Michael Sciuto is the author of this alumni spotlight. He is a senior at Foran who hopes to study communications in college.