Career Pathways: The Way Forward For High School Curriculum

Across the country more and more high schools are recognizing the importance of offering focused preparation for specific careers. This change is coming as an Education Trust report shows that only half of all U.S. high school students are taking the course sequence necessary to be considered college and career ready. In addition to preparing students for a career, a 2016 Fordham University study says that students who have greater access to career preparation and technical education are more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in college, and obtain higher paying jobs.

As the cries become louder to make certain that students are college and career ready, many school systems are responding by forming partnerships with local industries. In Papillion La Vista Community Schools in Nebraska a partnership with CHI Health Midlands Hospital allows students to do rotations through the hospital including shadowing EMT’s. That is just one of almost 180 community partnerships the school system has developed.

As the film industry has boomed in Atlanta, Georgia, the need for skilled videographers and other show business related jobs has also increased. Fulton County Georgia schools related by forming a partnership with film executives to create a film industry career pathway curriculum.

Closer to home, our Milford Public Schools have created a career pathway in computer science. Due to the success of this program, a committee of educators, community members, and local business people has been formed to help develop another career pathway.

For more information on what some other districts are doing across the country, check out this article: