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ISO: Volunteer Communications Director

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The Milford Education Foundation needs a communications director to support the communications activities of the Milford Education Foundation overall and all programs under its management.


Develop the communications plan for the Milford Education Foundation “brand” – and oversee the executional elements

Develop the communications “template” for all MEF sponsored events/programs and oversee implementation

Establish positive/ongoing relationships with local media

Establish proactive media relations strategy

Prep Board members for public engagements/appearances

prepare talking points/presentations

Work with digital and social media manager to develop relevant content/stories for newsletter and related items


Ideally 3-5 years of relevant applicable experience in a company, PR agency, or media firm (a novice also OK with right attitude/potential – can work with board members with relevant experience)

strong interest in education, child development, social good…

passionate, dedicated, resilient

Time Allocation

5 -10 hours per week

If you fit the above description, then we would like to speak to you! If interested, please send your resume or brief synopsis or even your LinkedIn link to – If it looks like there is a match we’ll shoot out the job overview and schedule a discussion. This is a great opportunity that will put you in touch with key educators and community leaders in the wonderful city of Milford, CT — look forward to hearing from you!

Minds In Motion: Register Now!


Saturday, March 4, 2017

1 p.m. – 4 p.m. (on-site check begins at noon) | Jonathan Law High School
20 Lansdale Avenue, Milford

Registration required and ends February 24.
Register now!

Adult Volunteer Sign-Up | Student Volunteer Sign-Up

Minds In Motion is a hands‐on, interactive learning program for all students in grades K‐8. This fun half‐day event offers kids in and around Milford the opportunity to choose from over 30 workshops in a variety of areas that interest them.

Parents and educators benefit, too, by attending free thought‐provoking and informative workshops, as well as a keynote address. Receive free literature, network with fellow parents and learn about afterschool programs, camps and other educational resources that benefit your children.

Invention Convention: Register Now


The  MILFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY  and  the  MILFORD EDUCATION FOUNDATION  present a free program for Milford children in grades K-5. Saturdays at the Milford Public Library.

Three informational and interactive workshops designed to inspire elementary kids to solve everyday problems through the invention process and prepare them to present at the 4th Annual Milford Invention Convention on Saturday, March 11th.

2017 Saturday Workshop Schedule
Jan. 21   |   Feb. 4   |   Feb. 25   
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm GR K-2  /  3:15 pm –4:15 pm GR 3-5
Milford Public Library, Main Program Room


This program is free and open to residents in grades K-5 who wish to participate in the 2017 Milford Invention Convention, which will take place on Saturday, March 11th at Jonathan Law High School. Milford finalists will advance to Regional Semifinals, where they compete for a spot at the 34th Annual Connecticut Invention Convention.

From The Board President: My Accidental Discovery… The Milford Education Foundation

I have the great honor of serving as Board President of the Milford Education Foundation over the next 2 years. To me, the Milford Education Foundation is the perfect example of never knowing what kind of wonderful opportunity is waiting for you right around the corner — all you need to do is have your antennae out, be receptive, and seize it when it comes your way.

I was born and raised in Milford, went to Milford public schools, married a local Milford girl, and raised 3 children – all who also went to Milford public schools. With the exception of 4 years at Seton Hall University and about 2 years recently in Philadelphia due to a corporate assignment – I’ve always lived here.

But I was never really active here… why? Oh the usual… my job was very demanding, was overly career focused, had to travel a lot, any spare time was spent on our kids activities, and home was a place to decompress when you could. However, time is a funny thing… it is amazing how much of it you can find when you want to or when you are called. And quite literally I was called.

About 3 years ago, Board member Jen Ju cold called me and asked if I would help the Milford Education Foundation with a strategic planning session to help better focus its resources and assets. Since that is what I do for a living, and I needed to start doing some volunteer work, I said OK. In fact, I think I might have said OK just to get off the phone and get back to client work.

It ranks as one of the best “OKs” I’ve ever said, for here is what I discovered.

As I conducted that first strategy session I felt that I was discovering one of Milford’s best hidden secrets. As we mapped out all of the initiatives I was amazed at what had been accomplished by a small handful of people. People who were mostly parents of young children, with lots of demands from their careers as well as the most important job of parenting! And of course they were doing this as volunteers. I thought of all the times when I convinced myself that I didn’t have extra time and I felt humbled. More like embarrassed.

Since then I’ve had the good fortune to be directly involved with some of the initiatives. I’ve had the privilege of developing a presentation workshop for students and have witnessed how the kids come to the table with amazing curiosity and enthusiasm. And its our job to harness it so that curiosity and enthusiasm isn’t extinguished over time through boredom and loss of self esteem. Sometimes it’s as simple as remembering what it’s like to be a kid.

So where are we now? We’re in a good place… a very good place. We have a fabulous mini-grant program that engages teacher and kids with focused areas of learning. We help bring the Minds In Motion and Invention Convention programs to Milford every year. We partner with great organizations like the Milford Arts Council and The Milford Public Library. In fact, we helped introduce Milford’s first “MakerSpace” at the Milford Public Library called The Brain Station. And now we are determining ways to expand our reach and impact, in particular in the areas of music, art, and mindfulness. We also see great opportunities to increase our involvement with Milford’s business and community leaders.

Results? Well we’ve estimated that over the past 3 years we’ve impacted about 3,000 kids through about $30,000 in grants. That’s about $10 a kid or less! So when you make a donation to the Milford Education Foundation you know those dollars are stretched in a very good way.

As we look to our future we can always use more help. And that help doesn’t necessarily mean just money. We need people to help us with our events, and assisting in a variety of other areas as we once again refine our strategy and focus.

So if you have an interest in helping out, please feel free to drop us an email at or my work email: And feel free to tell us of any special interests or talents you have. Your interests can help spark our imagination.

Looking back, I consider that call I received a few years ago a gift to me – and my goal is to return an even greater gift back to this amazing organization.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at one of our events!

About Ed Faruolo:
IMG_1458Besides his position with the Milford Education Foundation. Ed Faruolo is the founder and CEO of VitaLincs LLC, a marketing strategy, training, and consulting firm he founded in 2009. Ed’s highly rated workshops are used by Fortune 500 companies, as well as small/mid caps, start ups and is a sought out faculty member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Ed served as Chief Marketing Officer of Cigna, led marketing and brand development at 3 Fortune 500 companies, and was elected Chair of the Conference Board’s Brand Council for an unprecedented 3 terms. He lives in Milford with his wife Carol where they raised 3 great children together: Alison, Carl, and Dana.

Why Kids Need Recess To Achieve

To some, recess may seem frivolous. There are those that look at playtime during school hours as taking away from the need to generate strong reading skills or help kids achieve success in mathematics. The truth is, kids need recess to achieve.

Strong reading skills are vital. Math skills are imperative. Losing site of the benefits of unstructured playtime can be catastrophic.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently had this to say about the value recess plays in developing well-educated kids.

Optimal cognitive processing in a child necessitates a period of interruption after a period of concentrated instruction. The benefits of these interruptions are best served by unstructured breaks rather than by merely shifting from cognitive task to another to diminish stresses and distractions that interfere with cognitive processing. Several studies demonstrated that recess, whether performed indoors or outdoors, made children more attentive and more productive in the classroom.

The role of unstructured breaks, i.e. recess, in the school day, particularly for elementary aged students, is one that can play a critical part in whether or not our kids can maintain focus and achieve results from their academic studies throughout each day.

It’s not just the American Academy of Pediatrics who are saying this either. An elementary school in Texas has tripled the amount of time students get for recess to include a full hour each school day dedicated to unstructured play. Recess is held in four, fifteen minute blocks.

Teachers have taken notice of the positive impact this has had on their students throughout the day. They say that students are less distracted in the classroom and there has been an improvement in behavior as well, whether it’s students making more eye contact or being generally more empathetic toward their peers.

Through academic research and real-world example, it is clear that recess is a critical component to the achievement of students in elementary grades. Then of course there is the additional benefit of kids getting healthier from all that running around.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on recess in school in the comments below.

Career Pathways: The Way Forward For High School Curriculum

Across the country more and more high schools are recognizing the importance of offering focused preparation for specific careers. This change is coming as an Education Trust report shows that only half of all U.S. high school students are taking the course sequence necessary to be considered college and career ready. In addition to preparing students for a career, a 2016 Fordham University study says that students who have greater access to career preparation and technical education are more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in college, and obtain higher paying jobs.

As the cries become louder to make certain that students are college and career ready, many school systems are responding by forming partnerships with local industries. In Papillion La Vista Community Schools in Nebraska a partnership with CHI Health Midlands Hospital allows students to do rotations through the hospital including shadowing EMT’s. That is just one of almost 180 community partnerships the school system has developed.

As the film industry has boomed in Atlanta, Georgia, the need for skilled videographers and other show business related jobs has also increased. Fulton County Georgia schools related by forming a partnership with film executives to create a film industry career pathway curriculum.

Closer to home, our Milford Public Schools have created a career pathway in computer science. Due to the success of this program, a committee of educators, community members, and local business people has been formed to help develop another career pathway.

For more information on what some other districts are doing across the country, check out this article:


REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Minds In Motion Milford 2016

Minds In Motion Milford returns for its 3rd year on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at Johnathan Law High School. Registration is now open and will end on Friday, February 26th.

Register Now

View Milford Program Brochure

The Milford Education Foundation is currently seeking volunteers who are willing to provide assistance on the day of the event. Please reach out to us at info@milfordedfoundation if you are interested in helping.



Minds in Motion is a very popular, half-day student enrichment program which features hands-on, interactive, high-interest workshops. Both parents and students who attended the event last year said they couldn’t wait to come back! (Minds in Motion is a signature enrichment program of the CT Association for the Gifted.)

Minds In Motion Milford

Since its start in 2014, Milford Minds In Motion has attracted nearly 400 kids, offering workshops including Shadow Puppet Circus, American Sign Language, Yoga, Song Writing Workshop, Modern Dance, Junior Vet, Acting From the Inside Out, LEGO Mindstorms Robotics, 3D Architecture, Engineering a Kaleidoscope, and many more.

While the kids enjoy their classes, parents are encouraged to attend a keynote address given by prominent education leaders. Our past presenters have included:

Judy Primavera, Professor of Psychology
Fairfield University
Raising Children to be Lifelong Learners
Dr. Elizabeth Feser
Superintendent, Milford Public Schools
Bill Derry
Director of Innovation, Westport Public Library
The Power of Play, Tinkering and Making

Minds In Motion offers parent workshops, too, with past topics ranging from gifted children, Common Core and effective parenting to healthy eating and parent advocacy.

At the Vendor Hall exhibitors present classes, books, and other unique and innovative educational resources for purchase.

MIM Milford Connecticut


Milford Education FoundationMilford Education Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Milford, CT that is comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to promoting excellence, innovation and creativity in education for our children and community. We believe a community with a strong education system enhances quality of life by attracting businesses, retaining property values, and fostering community pride.

Please join MEF and make a difference for our kids in the Milford community. For more information contact us by email.

Connecticut Association of the GiftedThe Connecticut Association for the Gifted is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 that supports the needs of gifted and talented children across Connecticut. In addition to sponsoring the “Minds in Motion” events, CAG provides parents, teachers, and other educators with information and resources to help in parenting and educating gifted children.

Please join CAG and make a difference in a student’s life. For more information, and to become a member online, visit, or contact us at, or 203-291-6586.


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