Milford Education Foundation Logo Development Contest Guidelines


The Milford Education Foundation is conducting a contest among Milford Public School students to develop a new logo/identity for the Foundation. The Foundation will award a $250 Amazon Gift Card to the winning student.

Assignment Goals:

Develop a recommended logo that the Milford Education Foundation can use in all of its communication materials, e.g.:


Follow the guidelines in this document but most importantly “use your imagination!”

What is a logo?

Often this is referred to as a brand identity. It is usually a symbol or a word or acronym that becomes a symbol for that product or offering. When sufficient awareness of that identity happens they become a sort of “shorthand” that conjures up images and capabilities in the minds of the viewer. It also will conjure up positive or negative feelings towards that company or product. Think:


Assignment Background:

Milford Education Foundation is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to engaging children with life long learning skills – see attached “talking piece” on Milford Education Foundation

Our main “target audiences”, that is, those we wish to appeal to include:

parents of school aged children
community and business leaders in Milford
and the school kids themselves

Our official name is Milford Education Foundation and we are not seeking to change the name, BUT, for the logo assignment we are very open to different acronyms or abbreviations that can get our identity across much quicker and crisper.

Related to the above point, our current logo is long, feels very “institutional” and is hard to read and understand from a distance. Major companies have had that problem in the past too. For example, long ago FedEx was known as Federal Express. A mouthful for sure. But about 30 years ago that identity was abbreviated to FedEx and it is now a worldwide icon. Look at the original vs. current FedEx logo.



Can you see the hidden arrow in the newer FedEx logo on the right? You can have fun with hidden gems:

We would like our new identity to convey a sense of:

very contemporary
fun and engaging
a sense of motion/moving forward or ahead
committed people

Be careful that you don’t design something too complex. Usually, simplicity rules. Remember, people will need to see and grasp the identity in a split second and from a distance. A lot can be said with “empty space”.

Process Guidelines and Deadlines:

Students will sign up for the contest and post their submissions via the Google form at

Students will be asked to design their logo ideas on plain paper and or on a computer or tablet device – work conducted on paper should be scannable so it can be submitted via the google form link.

Rough designs are acceptable, particularly — it is the integrity of the idea we are seeking

Students must submit their designs by February 17th. All designs should be submitted to the Google form: Questions regarding use of the Google form should be directed to David St. Germaine:

Clarifications or questions regarding the contest parameters should be directed to Ed Faruolo, MEF
Board President:

The Brand Development Committee of the Milford Education Foundation will then decide finalist(s) within 2 weeks of final submissions – finalists will be reviewed by the Milford Education Foundation Board of Directors at an upcoming Board meeting. Board meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 7 PM at the Parson’s Complex.