2017-18 Teacher Mini Grants


The Milford Education Foundation is pleased to announce the application period for our 2017-18 Teacher Mini-Grant Program. All Milford Public Schools teachers and academic staff are welcome to apply. The submission deadline is midnight Friday, November 24, 2017. We are offering a total to $12,000 for innovative projects (up to $1,000 per project). Please take a moment to read mini-grant criteria below and see application for full instructions and guidelines. Online applications are preferred. You can also download and complete the application offline, scan to PDF, and use the link below for submission.


The funds awarded by the Foundation will be targeted at projects that will:

  • Relate directly to student learning and growth
  • Strengthen the curriculum through the development of innovative programs
  • Enhance the educational resources available to students

While the Foundation welcomes innovative ideas from all disciplines, we would like 50% of the awarded grants to align with specific subject matter interests as follows:

  • Social & Emotional Learning: e.g., mindfulness, emotional intelligence, impact of arts with social learning, community improvement, dealing with divisiveness
  • Creativity and the Arts: e.g., encouraging innovation, learning from outside experts
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: e.g., connecting common themes/concepts across subject matters
  • Science/Technology: e.g., increasing hands-on experiences, interaction with outside professionals, furthering programmatic logic
  • Math: e.g., using innovative reinforcement tools, promoting real-world contextualization

Special Grants, Specific Criteria

MEF has grants that were provided by donors who have designated specific criteria:

Dr. Matt Paterna Health Healthcare Education and Leadership Mini-Grant. This grant will fund a project related to encouraging students to focus on healthy living and developing leadership skills.

Nash Family Government, Leadership, and Civic Engagement Mini-Grant.  This grant will fund a project that promotes leadership and encourages civic engagement.

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