Top 5 Skills Participation In the Chair-ity Auction Helps to Develop

logo_chairs_montageOur Chair-ity Auction was initially designed to be a fundraiser with the added benefit of promoting the arts throughout the community. It has done that, and then some.

Over the course of the program, participating students, teachers and community leaders have shared with us that not only did the creation and design of these amazing Adirondack chairs engage their organizations in a creative endeavor, but it also had a tremendous impact on the skills that are often left behind by traditional education.

Some of the skills they cite are:

1.) Planning
2.) Construction
3.) Art
4.) Leadership
5.) Teamwork

Building and decorating these chairs has become something participating organizations look forward to, not only for the enjoyment of it and the fact that it goes to help a good cause, but also to help their students/campers/artists develop these five skills.

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the July kick-off event for the Chair-ity Auction, you missed kids beaming from ear to ear about their creations and the sense of community and teamwork that were developed throughout the process.

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