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Why is Milford Education Foundation Urgent ?

By Ed Faruolo

Recently the MEF Board was asked, What Makes Us Urgent? Below is a composite of our thinking…

Education is the cornerstone of successful communities, in terms of attracting businesses, new members, and retaining current members. Funding is becoming more scarce, and MEF’s ability to support educators and provide educational enrichment opportunities to all students, without requiring taxpayer dollars, is more critical than ever. Education is also vital in promoting prosperity, reducing crime, improving health, and helping our society prosper and move forward. MEF’s efforts help enhance the entire community.

How would life in Milford be different if MEF didn’t exist?

Kids would not have the opportunity to engage in critical thinking through fun activities like creating their own inventions. They would not have the opportunity to practice their oral /presentation skills when presenting their inventions to judges. Kids would not have the chance to participate in unique and creative one day workshops like Minds In Motion, and have the opportunity to try something new. Parents would not have the opportunity to learn about important educational and parenting topics, as provided at Minds In Motion as well. Kids would have less opportunity to engage in the arts, and the importance of planning and team building as provided by our Chair-ity Auction program. The community would not be able to enjoy the impressive planetarium that resides at Foran High School. Teachers would not be able to benefit thousands of students with their innovative programs that are funded through mini-grants.

Without MEF, there would be less of a passion for education.

What is the urgency behind what we do?

There is a record high level of anxiety, stress, and depression among children, parents, and teachers. Funding for education is falling. The United States is continuing to fall behind other countries in terms of education, the very foundation of our future! Many jobs aren’t filled by US graduates, because there aren’t enough US graduates with the training needed to perform the job requirements. Without supporting our educators, engaging students and fostering a lifelong love of learning, not only will we suffer as individuals who do not meet their full potential, but also as a community and society at large, unable to keep pace with the demands of technology and innovation. We will fall further and further behind.

That is why our cause is urgent!

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