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The Milford Education Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Milford, CT that is comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to promoting excellence, innovation and creativity in education for our children and community. We believe a community with a strong education system enhances our quality of life by attracting businesses, retaining property values, and fostering community pride.

What is an Education Foundation?
An Education Foundation is an organization that raises funds for innovative programs that promote student achievement and foster lifelong learning for the entire community. There are over 80 Education Foundations in Connecticut and they are often found in high-performing school districts.

What will the Foundation do?
The Foundation is committed to funding educational programs that go beyond the central mission of the public schools. Education Foundations typically offer mini-grants, sponsor pilot programs and hold community-wide events.

How does the Milford Education Foundation operate?
The Foundation is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors who work on committees, organize events and fund raise. It also consists of volunteer members who support the Milford Education Foundation mission.

How can I help?
We are currently looking for volunteers to work on committees and to help with individual events (including Minds In Motion, Milford Invention Convention, fundraisers, and more). No matter how much—or little!—time you have, we hope you will take this opportunity to help us meet our goals! Please speak to one of our members at an event or send us an email. We look forward to working with you!


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