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Open Positions

1. Volunteer Communications Director

The Milford Education Foundation needs a communications director to support the communications activities of the Milford Education Foundation overall and all programs under its management.


  • Develop the communications plan for the Milford Education Foundation “brand” – and oversee the executional elements

  • Develop the communications “template” for all MEF sponsored events/programs and oversee implementation

  • Establish positive/ongoing relationships with local media

  • Establish proactive media relations strategy

  • Prep Board members for public engagements/appearances

  • prepare talking points/presentations

  • Work with digital and social media manager to develop relevant content/stories for newsletter and related items


Ideally 3-5 years of relevant applicable experience in a company, PR agency, or media firm (a novice also OK with right attitude/potential – can work with board members with relevant experience)

strong interest in education, child development, social good…

passionate, dedicated, resilient

Time Allocation

5 -10 hours per week

If you fit the above description, then we would like to speak to you! If interested, please send your resume or brief synopsis or even your LinkedIn link to – If it looks like there is a match we’ll shoot out the job overview and schedule a discussion. This is a great opportunity that will put you in touch with key educators and community leaders in the wonderful city of Milford, CT — look forward to hearing from you!

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