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Applications are welcome from all Milford Public School District Teachers.

Application Deadline: Sunday, March 20, 2022

Award Notification: Friday, April 1, 2022



>> Preferred Method of Submission <<



Teacher Mini-Grant Criteria

The funds awarded by the Foundation will be targeted at projects that will:

  • Relate directly to student learning and growth

  • Strengthen the curriculum through the development of innovative programs

  • Enhance the educational resources available to students

While the Foundation welcomes innovative ideas from all disciplines, we would like 50% of the awarded grants to align with specific subject matter interests as follows:

  • Social & Emotional Learning: e.g., mindfulness, emotional intelligence, impact of arts with social learning, community improvement, dealing with divisiveness

  • Creativity and the Arts: e.g., encouraging innovation, learning from outside experts

  • Interdisciplinary Learning: e.g., connecting common themes/concepts across subject matters

  • Science/Technology: e.g., increasing hands-on experiences, interaction with outside professionals, furthering programmatic logic and exploring robotics engineering and artificial intelligence

  • Math: e.g., using innovative reinforcement tools, promoting real-world contextualization

Special Grants, Specific Criteria


MEF has grants that were provided by donors who have designated specific criteria:

Nash Family Government, Leadership, and Civic Engagement Mini-Grant.  This grant will fund a project that promotes leadership and encourages civic engagement.

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