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NY Yankees Game Details

MEF Yankee Game Flyer 2024.jpg

Additional Terms & Conditions

1. How do I get my tickets?


Approximately a week before the game you will receive an email from MEF with instructions taking receipt of your ticket. Please ensure we have a valid email address and phone number.

  • You will need to accept the ticket transfer via a Yankees account.  You can use an existing account as long as the registered email matches the email you provide to MEF, or you can create a new account.

  • Once tickets are accepted you can access them on the MLB Ballpark app

  • Please note: if you are creating a new Yankees account, you will be creating 2 accounts (My Yankees account and an MLB Ballpark account)

  •  Make sure the email address for both match

    • At transfer time, MEF will provide these instructions as a reminder for setting up the Ballpark App


First Time Logging In:

  • Download the MLB Ballpark App

  • Click “Get Started”

  • Select Your Favorite Team

  • Select “Enable Location” or Skip

  • Select “Enable Notifications” or Skip

  • Create an account (Please make sure the email address matches the email address of the Yankees ticket account)

2. What happens if I purchase tickets and then our plans change? Can I get a refund?

While we cannot honor refunds, these tickets are transferable.

3. What is this fundraiser for?

This fundraiser will have a direct impact on Milford’s students by supporting the programs that the Milford Education Foundation conducts throughout the year. MEF is comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to promoting excellence, innovation and creativity in education for our children and community.

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