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2022: 1D4D1 - One Day for Day One

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

- Harshitha Kothapalli, Grade 9, Jonathan Law High School


After two long years, the annual OneDayForDayOne(1D4D1) event has returned. The event was held on August 23 at the Grassy Hill Country Club.

The long-awaited event motivated over 80 teachers and administrators. The event was created through the collaboration of both the Milford Education Foundation and the Milford Public Schools.

“1D4D1 is a day for our adult learners to get rejuvenated and energized for the year ahead,” principal Melissa Currier said.

1D4D1 taught teachers how to guide their students through the school year's many struggles and emotions.

“Teachers learn strategies for self-care so they can be their best selves for their students and themselves, and consequently maximize student learning,” MPS administration worker Sean Smyth said.

Though the new school year can be an exciting and creative space, it can also sometimes be an overwhelming environment. Many students are quick to judge other students from the first few minutes of interaction; this applies to teachers as well.

Therefore, the 1D4D1 agenda concentrates on mental health. This includes self-care, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. This event allows teachers to recharge, refresh, reflect, and transition into their confident mindset for the new year.

“This day is also a great way to reconnect with each other and “breathe” before our busy school year begins,” Currier said.

The 1D4D1 agenda is a combination of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, lunch, and movement activities.

Some important speakers at the event included Beth Gibbs on Happiness, Contentment, and Resilience, Jennifer Ju on Resilience and You, and Amie Abraham on Mindfulness. Although there were some guest speakers, the day relied on the talent within the room.

Every year, the 1D4D1 event acquires many accolades from participants and is greatly endorsed through the MPS. Some attendees even include the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent.

“The whole day is a great way to celebrate how amazing our community is with lots of school and community connections,” Currier said.

Other education systems such as the Fairfield Education Foundation and East Lyme schools have admired the work done at these events and met with the MEF for advice on their own remedy of 1D4D1.

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