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Bring StoryWalk to Milford

Marco Buschauer, an 8th grader from Milford and a Life Scout from Troop 1 is fundraising to bring "Storywalk" to Milford's Eisenhower Park. Below is what he has to say,

"This project aims to install a Story Walk in Eisenhower Park. What is a Story Walk, you might be asking? According to Garfield County Library, “StoryWalk is a self-directed learning opportunity that places a children’s story (a deconstructed picture book) along a walking route, park, or open space.” To explain why I want to bring it to Milford, I would describe it as:

•Interactive – Little kids can play with it at their will •Innovative – It’s a new idea that isn’t very well known, especially in/around Milford •Inspiring – It inspires kids in/around Milford to read and exercise

Below this, you can find the map of Eisenhower Park and all its trails. The red loop on the map highlights the loop that the StoryWalk will follow. The NorthEast corner is close to where the SplashPad is and the SouthEast corner of the loop."

The fundraising event is taking place at Milford Indoor Tennis on Sunday, 3rd Feb from 1-3pm. We urge you to support Macro's efforts. You can find more details about this project on his website.

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