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What a Weekend at Waterbury!

This past weekend, March 11-12, FRC 8085, MOJO, competed at the Waterbury New England District Event along with 37 other teams. We ended our first day of competition with a record of 8-1 in qualifying matches, and our second day with a record of 3-0. At every turn, our outstanding team of students and mentors were able to quickly diagnose malfunctions and make repairs, and we ended qualifications ranked 3rd.

During alliance selections - where 8 alliances of three teams are formed to compete in eliminations - we became the captain of Alliance #2 and selected our partners: FRC 230 Gaelhawks of Shelton and FRC 1071 Team MAX of Wolcott. This partnership turned out to be a tremendous success, with our alliance going 5-0 in the playoffs, including three big wins over the top seeded alliance and capturing the Waterbury event championship. For MOJO, this event championship was especially significant, because it was our first ever Blue Banner!

In addition to the event championship, MOJO was also recognized by the judges with a Team Spirit Award, which “celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork furthering the objectives of FIRST.” We are looking forward to our next competition, April 1-2 at Hartford Public High School, as well as the New England District Championships, April 6-8.

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